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Month: October 2023

Best Time to Visit México City - Lumina Stays

Best Time to Visit México City: A Seasonal Guide

Table of Contents Spring: March to May Summer: June to August Fall: September to November Winter: December to February Determining the best time to visit Mexico City is essential for planning a memorable trip. This metropolis is rich in culture, history, and experiences.  In this guide, we’ll journey through each season, unveiling the unique offerings of Mexico City to help you decide when to embark on your adventure. Spring: March to May Weather Overview For those seeking a more tranquil experience, venturing in late April or May is recommended....

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Best Area to Stay in Tulum: Top 3 Neighborhoods

Best Areas To Stay In Tulum: Top 3 Neighborhoods

Table of Contents Where is Tulum located? The best neighborhoods for travelers in Tulum Tulum Beach Aldea Zama La Veleta How to decide where to stay in Tulum Tulum, a jewel of the Yucatán Peninsula, beckons travelers from around the world with its pristine beaches, rich history, and vibrant local community. But when it comes to deciding where to set up your temporary home, it can be a toss-up between the different neighborhoods for travelers.  Discover what are the top areas to stay in Tulum! Where is Tulum located? Tulum is located on the southeastern...

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