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Los Cabos Travel Guide: Restaurants, Bars, and Things to Do

20 January 2024
Los Cabos Travel Guide - Lumina Stays

Where is Los Cabos?

Located at the tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, Los Cabos presents a vibrant blend of high-end stays, adventure, and authentic Mexican warmth.  Los Cabos is a famous destination known for its desert landscapes, pristine beaches, and crystal-clear waters. It is also home to an excellent culinary scene, world-class golf courses, and a variety of other attractions that appeal to travelers of all ages.

This Los Cabos travel guide aims to give you an insight into what the destination offers.

Are Cabo San Lucas and Los Cabos the Same?

Los Cabos is a region formed of two towns: Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. Cabo San Lucas is known for its lively nightlife and bustling marina, while San José del Cabo has a more relaxed atmosphere, with charming cobblestone streets and a historic town square.

Both towns offer visitors a variety of accommodations, from luxurious all-inclusive resorts to boutique hotels and villas. There are also plenty of dining options to choose from, including world-class restaurants, casual eateries, and local food stalls.

Breakfast in Los Cabos - Lumina Stays

Breakfast in Los Cabos

From traditional Mexican dishes to international favorites, the breakfast offerings in Cabo San Lucas are second to none. If you’re the type of traveler who loves to explore, there are numerous Cabo San Lucas breakfast restaurants where you can find freshly baked pastries, artisanal coffees, and even ocean-view settings.

Looking for the perfect way to start your day? Check our top picks:

Breakfast in Cabo San Lucas

Breakfast in San José del Cabo

Los Cabos Dining Guide - Lumina Stays

Los Cabos Dining Guide

Cabo San Lucas Restaurants

Metate Cabo: Metate Cabo celebrates Mexico’s deep-rooted culinary traditions. Embracing time-honored methods passed down over the ages, this dining destination offers patrons an authentic taste of Mexico’s rich gastronomy.

Whether it’s the perfectly grilled Pollito de leche or the delectable Filet mignon draped in a unique huitlacoche sauce, the menu promises a delightful culinary adventure.

Beyond the dishes, Metate Cabo has top-notch service. It’s definitely a must-visit for those desiring a genuine Mexican dining experience in Cabo.

Nicksan Cabo: Nicksan stands as a beacon of culinary innovation. Here, acclaimed Chef Ángel Carbajal marries traditional Japanese culinary principles with the robust flavors of Mexico, giving birth to the distinctive Nicksan style of cuisine.

This fusion has not only garnered the prestigious title of Best Restaurant at the 2019 Culinary Awards but has also captivated a discerning clientele, from celebrities to local gourmands.

With an emphasis on sustainable and locally-sourced ingredients, each dish, be it the crispy Tostadas de Atún or the rich Rollo de Langosta, tells a story of tradition, innovation, and conscientious dining.

WTF Burger: Tucked away by the scenic Marina in Los Cabos, WTF: Burger Bar stands as a culinary gem for burger aficionados. With a prime location outside Puerto Paraiso Mall, this hotspot offers both delightful gastronomy and a chance to bask in the lively ambiance of the marina’s center.

Led by Chef Jimmy Maddin, WTF promises an authentic American dining experience. Whether you’re craving their renowned Wagyu Beef burgers, seeking vegetarian alternatives, or indulging in hand-scooped milkshakes, the offerings cater to all tastes.

Plus, with a diverse menu that effortlessly incorporates a Mexican twist and a dedication to quality ingredients sourced from the US, diners are guaranteed a meal that hits the mark every time.

La Casona: At the heart of Villa La Estancia, La Casona presents an enchanting fusion of sophisticated design and a romantic ambiance, both indoors and in its delightful outdoor setting. Renowned in Los Cabos for its premium cuts and succulent lobsters, dining here promises an unforgettable evening.

The dishes are elevated with fresh vegetables and organic produce sourced directly from Miraflores city farms, paired perfectly with a vast selection of wines and, of course, the iconic tequila.

La Casona menu delights from breakfast to dinner. The expertise of its chefs shines through each offering, ensuring that guests not only relish a remarkable meal but also appreciate the freshest of ingredients used. La Casona’s serene atmosphere, combined with its indulgent decor and impeccable service, crafts a dining experience that engages all the senses.

San José del Cabo Restaurants

La Dolce: A haven for authentic northern Italian cuisine, here every dish is a symphony of flavors, meticulously crafted with the freshest ingredients. Stefano Miotto & Juan Calderoni, the proud owners, ensure that you relish a homely vibe while enjoying a vast array of wines from around the globe.

Begin your culinary expedition with recommended starters like Caesar salad or Carpaccio di carne, and indulge in main courses such as Spaghetti al Cartoccio or Fettuccini a la Romana. For those who crave a slice of Italy, the hand-made pizzas, baked to perfection in a wood-burning oven, are a must-try.

Round off your meal with delightful desserts like Tiramisu or flan Napolitano paired with traditional Italian coffee. Every visit to La Dolce promises an experience so delightful that you’ll find reasons to return. Whether it’s for the ambience, the cuisine, or the impeccable service, La Dolce stands out as a cherished culinary gem in Mexico.

El Aguamala Cevicheria: In the heart of Plaza Bonita, El Aguamala Cevichería beckons seafood enthusiasts with its authentic flavors and uncompromising quality. Celebrating the essence of Baja California’s bountiful peninsula, every dish is a testament to the region’s freshness, from tantalizing tiraditos and ceviches to crisp tostadas. While its heart beats with the raw authenticity of street food, El Aguamala elevates the dining experience with top-tier service standards.

Whether you’re seeking a pre-party gathering spot or a relaxed post-nightout retreat, this is the place to savor the best of the ocean’s offerings. And as the evening sets, let the live music serenade you as you sip on their renowned margaritas, all in an ambiance that’s as refreshing as their cuisine.

Latino 8: Latino 8 offers a culinary journey through Latin America, merging the region’s iconic dishes into one delightful menu. From the tempura shrimp filled with cream cheese to the crab cakes paired with avocado mousse and ahi amarillo aioli, every bite is a celebration of diverse Latin flavors.

Complementing the dining experience is an array of refreshing cocktails, meticulously crafted by their in-house mixologist using homemade syrups.

Flora’s Field Kitchen: In the heart of its bountiful farm, Flora’s Field Kitchen celebrates the true essence of handcrafted cuisine, bringing to your plate the freshest ingredients cultivated with care. Born in San José del Cabo and thriving in town for 5 years, the restaurant transitioned to its farm, ensuring a direct farm-to-table experience.

With a seasonally changing menu that boasts timeless classics, each dish reflects a dedication to quality. All meats come from a 150-acre ranch nearby, ensuring ethical practices and hormone-free diets.

Adjacent to the fields, The Farm Bar offers an array of beverages, from classic cocktails to Flora’s Brewery beer, enhanced with farm-fresh infusions like the unique Farmarita and the flavorful “Pelo de Perro” Bloody Mary.

Within the restaurant, a wood-fired oven heralds the delightful creations of “Mama’s Pizzeria”, where 15 unique Neapolitan-style pizzas tantalize taste buds.

Nightlife - Los Cabos - Lumina Stays

Los Cabos Nightlife: Bars & Clubs

Nightlife in Cabo San Lucas: Clubs & Bars

The Rooftop at the Cape: Elevate your Cabo experience at The Rooftop, an iconic bar and lounge nestled atop The Cape – a Thompson Hotel. Situated on the sixth floor, this rooftop oasis seamlessly blends open-air bars, intimate communal seating, a fire pit, and calming water elements. Guests are treated to unparalleled vistas of downtown Cabo San Lucas and the famed El Arco.

Bar Esquina: Located at the heart of Bahia, Bar Esquina Los Cabos offers a dynamic experience that evolves with the sun’s journey. As dusk settles, Bar Esquina truly shines, becoming a lively hub with daily live music, drawing both locals and travelers into its vibrant embrace. With a menu infused by Chef Andres Bracamontes’ Mediterranean and Mexican inspirations, every dish promises a culinary delight.

Best Bars & Clubs in San José del Cabo

Nómada Bar de Origen: This bar takes pride in curating an authentic selection of Mexican spirits that carry a distinctive designation of origin. Situated in the Gallery District, this bar invites guests to immerse themselves in a blend of traditional flavors and contemporary vibes. From meticulously mixed classic cocktails to innovative house creations, each drink pays homage to Mexico’s rich distillery culture.

Dalton Gin Bar: Positioned atop a vintage building in San José del Cabo’s Historic Center, Bar Esquina Los Cabos stands as a testament to gin’s enduring charm. This rooftop haven takes pride in its specialized gin-based craft cocktails that offer patrons a distinct experience. With the city’s historic downtown as its backdrop, guests can immerse themselves in the breathtaking views while sipping on a cocktail that pays homage to gin’s resurgence.

Things To Do - Tulum - Lumina Stays

Things To Do in Los Cabos

Of course, a guide to Los Cabos wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the plethora of activities and experiences awaiting visitors. Beyond its culinary delights, Los Cabos offers a rich tapestry of experiences.

For those drawn to the ocean, there’s a wealth of tours and activities, from serene yacht charters to thrilling deep-sea fishing expeditions. Golf enthusiasts will find some of the world’s most picturesque courses here, while spa aficionados can indulge in treatments that blend modern techniques with ancient Mexican traditions.

Cultural experiences, art walks, shopping, and nature excursions further enrich the list of things to do in Los Cabos. Every moment spent here is a step into a world of elegance, adventure, and relaxation.

Art Walk in San José del Cabo: Visit the Art Gallery District

Beyond its natural allure, Los Cabos boasts a thriving art scene that is best experienced in its Art Gallery District.

Situated in the heart of San José del Cabo, this district is an enchanting maze of cobblestone streets lined with boutique art galleries. As you stroll, you’ll be introduced to a diverse range of art forms, from traditional Mexican folk art and Huichol beadwork to contemporary paintings, sculptures, and photography by both local and international artists.

On Thursday evenings, the district comes alive with its famous Art Walk. Galleries throw open their doors, local musicians set the ambiance, and visitors can enjoy wine, canapés, and the company of artists and fellow art enthusiasts. It’s not just an art tour; it’s an immersive cultural experience.

Wild Canyon Adventures: A Thrill-Seekers’ Paradise

For those who crave a surge of adrenaline, Wild Canyon is the place to be. Located between Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo, this adventure park offers a lot of heart-pounding activities.

Perhaps the most iconic of these is the giant swing, where participants are swung over a canyon at dizzying heights, offering unparalleled views of the landscape below.

There’s also an expansive zipline circuit, one of the longest in Baja, which allows visitors to soar over the canyon, taking in breathtaking views of the desert and the sparkling Sea of Cortez.

For those who prefer their adventures a tad more grounded, there are off-road ATV tours, camel rides, and a suspension bridge touted as the longest of its kind. Wild Canyon truly embodies the spirit of adventure that Los Cabos offers.

Sailing tours and sunset cruise: Navigating in Style

The cerulean waters of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean beckon travelers to experience Los Cabos from a unique vantage point – aboard a yacht or sailboat. These tours offer a serene escape from the land, where guests can bask in the sun, sip on gourmet cocktails, and take in the panoramic beauty of the coastline.

During the day, these sailing tours often include stops at secluded beaches or vibrant coral reefs for snorkeling, allowing guests to dive into the underwater world of Los Cabos and witness its marine diversity.

As the day progresses, sunset cruises come into play. There’s something profoundly magical about watching the sun dip below the horizon, casting a golden hue over the waters, all while aboard a luxurious vessel. Some cruises even offer gourmet dinners under the stars, accompanied by live music, making it an evening to remember. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply wishing to indulge in the maritime beauty of Los Cabos, these sailing tours promise an unforgettable experience.

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