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Where to eat in Punta Cana? – Top Restaurants 2022

May 3, 2023

A true highlight of the Caribbean region, Punta Cana is a tropical paradise every tourist would dream of visiting. In fact, no holiday in the Dominican Republic would be complete without visiting its fantastic restaurants. From venues that focus on Mexican, French, or Asian cuisine to high-class establishments run by famous chefs, the town’s diverse restaurants are never to be missed. Here is a guide to the five best places to eat in Punta Cana.

1. Citrus Restaurant

One of the best food joints in Punta Cana, Citrus boasts a big menu with a diverse range of dishes from Asia, Italy, and the Caribbean. From its enticing sushi specials and ceviche to tartar dishes, highlighted here is fresh, locally sourced fare. Its fried fish with local seasonings (chillo a la boca chica) and lobster dishes are worth every penny, but those who want easy comfort food could go for pasta or a burger. And while you can catch breakfast at the restaurant, the evening is perhaps the best time as that’s when you can enjoy delicious cocktails and meals, along with live music.

Address: Avenida Alemania, Punta Cana 23000.

2. La Palapa by Eden Roc

Thanks to its strategic location within the famous Eden Rock Cap Cana, La Palapa wows you with views of tall palm trees, white sands, and of course, the turquoise sea as you enjoy your meal. But the dishes here also shine, with local favorites like fried fish with plantain (boca chica) ruling supreme. With its own twist on the Dominican sponge cake soaked in three kinds of milk, you will have yet another opportunity to go local. Seafood and quality meats are also available. If you visit on a Friday evening, you will enjoy the resort’s Social Fridays full of live music.

Address: Caleton Beach Club, Cap Cana, Juanillo, 23000

3. La Yola

If there is one restaurant that recreates the magic of the Caribbean stories, it is La Yola. That’s all thanks to its boat-style design, which offers panoramic views of the surrounding sea and marina. If you’re looking for authentic experiences and less conventional décor, then La Yola is your ideal destination. You may also want to hear that the restaurant won the AAA Three Diamond Award and Trip Advisor’s 2013 Certificate of Excellence, deserved achievements if its offerings are anything to go by. La Yola focuses mainly on Mediterranean cuisine, specifical seafood. From beef fajitas, baked tropical lobster, and sea conch quesadilla to crab cake and Galician-style octopus, the restaurant has a diverse menu that suits every palate.

Address: Puntacana Resort & Club Marina, Punta Cana

4. Noah Restaurant

If you’re after a meal with extra pizzas, then you won’t go wrong with Noah Restaurant. Located in the Bavaro shopping district, Noah Restaurant is a classic-style establishment with a large covered terrace and soothing sandstones. Local dishes, Latin fusion, or Caribbean cuisine? Noah has them all. The restaurant’s tuna ceviche bowl is perhaps one of the most outstanding dishes. It is a riot of color that’s almost too pretty to eat. But ensure your stomach has some space for lemon pie cones and other desserts.

Address: Plaza Paseo San Juan, Punta Cana 23000

5. Playa Blanca

Here comes Playa Blanca, an open-air food joint with a contemporary flair. Set along the five-kilometer beach that bears the same name. Tucked right inside the Westin Puntacana Resort & Club, this restaurant is one of the best destinations for non-resort guests in Punta Cana. Events are also common at Playa Blanca, and so are group visits. Looking at its menu, the restaurant offers nothing short of a great seafood selection. Also available are burgers and grilled meats- not to mention tasty dishes like goat stew (chivo guisado). If swimming is your thing, then you may want to carry your swimsuit for a good dip in the restaurant’s calm waters. You may also go kiteboarding, windsurfing, or kayaking.

Address: The Westin Puntacana Resort & Club, Punta Cana 23000.

As you can see, Punta Cana boasts loads of top must-visit restaurants while traveling to the Dominican Republic. However, for the best culinary tour of Punta Cana, you will need a vacation rental in a strategic location from where you can easily access most of the restaurants in this resort town. That’s where Lumina Stays comes in. Staying at one of the Lumina Stays apartments comes with lots of perks, including proximity to restaurants and other attractions in Punta Cana and full access to the beach and pool, allowing you to experience life like a local.

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